Adding team members (course authors) to your Open edX course

Course Team Members are also known as staff and co-authors. They have the ability to edit courses and add content. Here's how to add them to your course.

First, make sure you're logged into edX Studio. It looks like this:

Next, select the course you want to add course authors to.

Click the "Settings" drop down menu from the top of the edX Studio page.

Click "Course Team"

Next, click the green button that says "+ New Team Member"

Then, just add your new Team Member's email address. It is important to note that this user must already be registered!

If you are confused about what a "Registered User" is, be sure to check out the  article we have explaining it and how to add them.

Make sure you click "ADD USER" and that's all there is to it!

NOTE: Staff cannot edit the Course Team, only admins have this capability. However, as seen above, admins can easily click that blue button and make any staff member an admin, granting them full access to change the Course Team.

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