Providing different content to cohorts of students in Open edX via content groups

Content groups are a way to control what content is visible to which cohorts.  Click here for more on what cohorts are and how they're created.

An example: Say you have your students organized into two separate cohorts: Cohort A for students taking the class for a grade, and Cohort B for students who are just auditing the course. With content groups you can make all of the graded assignments only visible to Cohort A. Here's how it works: 

Start from Studio and navigate to "Group Configurations" (Under Settings). 

Next, create a new content group, by simply clicking "+ New content group" and typing the name of the new content group. 

For our example, we'll name the new content group "Cohort A Content" 

Step 2: Switch over to the LMS, and click on your Instructor Dashboard 

Navigate to the "Membership" sub menu and scroll down to the section called "Cohort Management" 

From the dropdown menu, select the cohort you wish to edit. For this example, we are going to choose "Example Cohort Name A" 

Now from the cohort settings tab, select the option to assign an associated Content Group Next, select the Content Group you wish to assign to this cohort. Because this is Cohort A, we want to associate "Cohort A Content." 

Click Save and then head back to Studio. 

From Studio, navigate to any Unit of content you want to make specific to Cohort A. For our example, we're going to add a multiple choice question after this video to ensure students watched it. 

After you've found or created the content you wish to be visible to only one Content Group, click the little eye icon in the upper right corner of the unit. 

These are your visibility settings. To change them, just select the group or groups you wish to be able to view this unit. In or example we want this to only be "Cohort A Content." 

And that's all there is to it!