Controlling the visibility of your Open edX wiki

When dealing with your course Wiki, there are a couple of ways to control the visibility. You can either toggle the visibility of the page, which is something that works for all pages on your course, or you can control public access to the wiki. Here is a quick walkthrough of each method.

Showing/Hiding Pages

From edX Studio, click on the Content drop-down menu, and then select Pages 

Use the eye icon that corresponds with the Wiki page to toggle visibility. 

If the eye is greyed out (see below), it means that page is currently not visible. 

Controlling Public Access to the Wiki

By default, your course wiki is only visible to your course staff and students enrolled in the course. To make the wiki more public, follow these steps.

From edX Studio, click on the Setting drop-down menu, and then select Advanced Settings. 

Scroll down to the section "Allow Public Wiki Access." If you wish to make your wiki public, simply delete "false" and type "true" 

Don't forget to click save, and that's all there is to it!

A publicly accessibly wiki page will be viewable by any registered Open edX user, even if they are not enrolled in your course.