Staying up-to-date with Open edX discussion forums

In courses with lots of active students, following the conversations that are happening in discussion forums can be a big job. Here are a few tips that should help keep things simple.

See which posts have new activity at a glance

The list of discussion posts have visual hints to let you know what's new.

  • Grey icons mean you have read everything and there is nothing new in this post
  • Blue icons mean the post is new and you have not read it yet
  • White icons mean you have read the post, but there are new comments or exchanges you haven't read yet.

Follow specific posts

If you would like to be able to quickly access a few posts that are particularly interesting to you, you can follow them. Following posts allows for easy sorting and adds posts to your daily email digest if you have email updates enabled.

To follow a post: Open the post, then click "Follow." 

A post with the Follow icon circled

Once you've selected some posts to follow, you can quickly filter them by showing the list of all discussions, and where you see "All Discussions," simply select "Posts I'm Following" 

The list of posts with the
The list of posts with the "Posts I'm Following" filter selected. Every post in the list shows the following indicator.