Managing pages in Tahoe

The page editor section of the Management Console is where you will access all the pages on your Open edX site. This is where you can do things like edit each of your static pages and set the visibility of them. Here's a brief overview:

To access the page editor, click Page editor on the sidebar. 

Page Editor Overview

After clicking "Content management" the first page you land on is your Pages overview. This is an index of all available pages on your Open edX site. The list is organized into 5 columns:

  • Page name - Simply what the page is called
  • Page URL - This is what is appended to the end of your site URL for each page. For example, to access the Course catalog page, the page URL would be
  • Page description - A brief blurb about what the page includes. However, after the first three pages (Index, Course catalog, and Course about), what goes on each page is entirely up to you!
  • Enabled - A simple checkbox to choose whether or not you want the page to be enabled.
    • The first three pages (Index, Course catalog, and Course about) are required and cannot be disabled.
    • If a page is disabled and user attempts to access it, they will see a 404 error page.
    • Enabled does not mean a page will be seen in your header or footer. That is set specifically in the LMS Header and Footer section of AMC
  • Edit Button - This is where you will click in order to edit the actual content of each particular page.

Here's a closer look at some other pages and how to enable or disable a page (just click the button!). 

That's all there is to the Page Overview!

Next Steps

In order to learn how to add content, click here. Or click here to learn more about how content is structured with AMC.