Open edX XBlocks available in Tahoe LMS

The following XBlocks are available to customers of Tahoe LMS.

Contact for further information.

Name Description Documentation XBlock Key (In Advanced Settings)
Completion Allows learners to mark an activity as complete and earn a mark for their progress chart. Open edX Documentation - Completion done
Google Document Enables embedding of Google Documents within a course. google-document 
Google Calendar Enables embedding of a Google Calendar within a course. google-calendar
LTI Consumer This XBlock implements the consumer side of the LTI specification enabling integration of third-party LTI provider tools. lti_consumer
Poll Enables a course author to create polls in course materials. Poll XBlocks has one question. Open edX Documentation - Poll Tool poll
Survey Similar to a poll, but allows you to ask many questions with the same answer options instead of just one. Open edX Documentation - Survey Tool survey
Free-text Response  XBlock to capture a free-text response. freetextresponse
Staff Graded Assignment Allows learners to upload a file for manual staff grading. Inserting the Staff Graded Assignment (SGA) XBlock in Open edX edx_sga
Container Launcher Used with Appsembler's  Virtual Labs product. Contact support for more info, or check out our Virtual Labs documentation. Adding a Virtual Labs project to your Open edX course launchcontainer
PDF Simplifies embedding a PDF in a page.
Peer Instruction The Peer Instruction learning system provides students with in-class opportunities to discuss questions and better understand concepts. The peer instruction tool emulates this classroom experience for the learners in an online course. Open edX Documentation - Peer Instruction ubcpi
Problem Builder Problem builder provides an increased range of problem options for posing more varied questions.
Step builder The step builder allows you to ask questions sequentially rather than listing them down a page. It's very similar in usage to the Problem Builder, and that's because the same people make it.
SCORM The SCORM XBlock enables you to embed SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 packages into your Open edX courses. Enabling the SCORM XBlock step-builder

Enabling these XBlocks

To quickly enable all of these XBlocks, go in Studio to Settings and Advanced Settings and paste the following into the Advanced Modules field at the top of the page as pictured below. Ensure you Save changes once you're done.

Note: We don't recommend enabling every single XBlock on each course you make, these aren't enabled by default for a reason. Once you've tried these out, choose the XBlocks that you need for each course and just enable those, you can always add the others later.