Open edX XBlocks available in Tahoe

The following XBlocks are available to customers of the Appsembler Tahoe SaaS platform. Please check this list regularly as it will be updated.

Appsembler Enterprise customers should refer to  the Enterprise XBlock directory instead

Name Description Documentation XBlock Key
(In Advanced Settings)
Crowdsource Hinter XBlock The Crowdsource Hinter serves to provide students with hints when they incorrectly answer a problem within a course. crowdsourcehinter
Discussion XBlock A prototype of the discussion XModule as a separate, pure XBlock. Functional, but requires patches to edx-platform at the moment. discussion-forum
Google Drive XBlock Enables embedding of Google Documents or Google Calendar within a course. google-document / google-calendar
LTI Consumer XBlock This XBlock implements the consumer side of the LTI specification enabling integration of third-party LTI provider tools. lti_consumer
Poll XBlock Enables a course author to create survey/poll elements to get feedback from students. Poll XBlocks have one question, and a series of answers. Survey XBlocks have several questions. poll / survey
Rate XBlock XBlock for rating course content. Replaced with FeedbackXBlock rate
Recommender XBlock Allow students to post resources for given problems, then discuss and vote on which resources are the most helpful. recommender
Vector Draw XBlock An XBlock for creating vector drawing exercises vectordraw

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