Allowing students to upload files to an Open Response Assessment (ORA) in Open edX

Here's how to allow your students to upload a file as a response to a problem.

Add a Peer Assessment (AKA Open Response Assessment) component.

The Peer Assessment component, also known as Open Response Assessment is found under the Advanced Problems menu.

Edit the Component

Access the "Settings" menu

Enable File Upload

From the drop down menu, select the appropriate file type for your use case. For "Custom File Types" make sure to add the appropriate files.

Then click Save.

For Learners

For learners to upload files, make sure they're following these steps.

Choose a file to upload.

Click "Upload your file"

Enter some form of text response and then click "Submit"

Because the Peer Assessment component is designed to work as an open ended response question, a learner must type something into the response field, even if the component is only being used to upload a file.