Allowing students to upload files to an Open Response Assessment (ORA) in Open edX

Here's how to allow your students to upload a file as a response to a problem.

Note: To learn more about Open Response Assessments read our article Open Response Assessment (ORA) basic walkthrough

Create an ORA component

Firstly, go to the Add New Component section at the bottom of the unit you wish to add the ORA component to.

Click Problem, then Advanced.

In the advanced menu, click Open Response Assessment.

Edit the Component

Once the component has loaded, click Edit.

From the edit screen, you can access Settings.

Enable File Upload

From the drop down menu Allow File Upload, select Optional or Required. A new drop down menu will appear below labeled File Upload Types. You can select PDF or Image Files, Image Files, or Custom File Types, with which a text box will appear, allowing you to enter the file extension types you wish to allow.

Then click Save.

For Learners

For Learners

Choose a file to upload.

Click Upload your file.

Enter some form of text response and then click Submit.

Note: Because the Peer Assessment component is designed to work as an open ended response question, a learner must type something into the response field, even if the component is only being used to upload a file.