Using teams in your Open edX courses

Open edX includes the option to allow learners to work in small groups - Teams - on specific projects or activities. Course Authors/Admins specify the maximum number of learners a Team can include, as well as stipulate the specific topics for which Teams can be formed.

Learners are able choose a topic in which they are interested, and can then either join a team or create their own team for that topic. 
Note: Learners can belong to only one team.

Configure Teams from Advanced Settings

In Studio, go to Settings / Advanced Settings.

Teams Settings are second from the bottom of the page.

Here you will specify the maximum size for teams, as well as the topics for which teams can be built. The following configuration results in teams with a maximum of 7 participants and provides a list of 3 topics:

    "topics": [
            "name": "Course Author Support",
            "description": "Top Ten Support Requests From New Open edX Course Authors",
            "id": "Author_Support"
            "name": "Course Admin Support",
            "description": "Top Five Support Requests From Open edX Admins", 
            "id": "Admin_Support"
            "name": "Our Favorite Learner Login Mistakes",
            "description": "We've All Done It - Favorite Login Mistakes",
            "id": "Login_Mistakes"
    "max_team_size": 7

Note: Underscore, hyphen, and period are the only acceptable special characters in "id" values.

What the Learner Sees

Once you have configured Teams for your course, Learners will see a Teams navigation link as follows:
When a Learner selects Teams, they will see the following:
This page allows the Learner to find a team based on their topic of interest, or, if they find there are no teams to join, they can create one:
When Learners create a new team, they must create a team name and add a team description:

They can also set a primary language and country:

Lastly, Learners can easily share posts with the team:

That's how you configure Teams in Open edX.

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