Choosing when learners can see problem answers in Open edX

You may have noticed in the LMS that there's a little button labelled  Show Answer in the bottom right of each problem.

What's the deal with that? Can we decide when that appears? The short answer is yes - let's take a look at how it's done.

  1. First find your problem in Studio and hit the Edit button

  2. Next go to the Settings tab and scroll down to Show Answer

  3. Finally, simply set this dropdown to the value that you wish to use, which are defined as follows:
    • Always - Always display the button
    • Answered - Display the button when the learner has correctly answered the problem
    • Attempted - Display the button when the learner has attempted the problem (regardless of whether they got it right or wrong)
    • Closed - Display the button if all attempts have been used or the due date has passed
    • Finished - Display the button if they have answered correctly, all attempts have been used, or the due date has passed
    • Correct or Past due - Display the button if they have answered correctly or the due date has passed
    • Past due - Display the button only after the due date has passed
    • Never - Never display the button
  4. Save your changes and publish them to see them in the LMS

It is important to note that whenever you view the LMS as a Staff member, you will typically be able to see the Show Answer button regardless of this setting. If you want to check your questions are configured correctly, make sure you view the course as a student by selecting Student from the 'View this course as:' dropdown menu at the top of the LMS.

Setting the default

You may find while building your course, that you want to set the default state for this setting to something other than Finished, which is the normal default. To do this, enter Studio and select Settings > Advanced Settings from the menu at the top

Once on the advanced settings page, press Command/CTRL (Depending on operating system) and the F key and search the page for the words "Show Answer", or simply scroll down the page until you see the Show Answer setting. The page is alphabetical, so it appears considerably towards the bottom of the page.

Simply change the word "finished" to another value as written beneath the field, for example to set the default to Always, this value should be "always", in lower case, including the quotes. Once you're done, hit the Save Changes button that appears at the bottom of the page to finalize your changes.

From this point on, any problem you insert will by default have the Show Answer setting set to the state you have chosen. If you have any issues with this feature, as always, feel free to contact Support by using the link below.