Importing a Docker Hub image into Virtual Labs

In this article, we'll cover importing an image from Docker Hub into Virtual Labs. This process will also work for Docker Store. For information on retrieving the correct name for a Docker Store image, you might want to try our article by this title.

Ensure that any images that you pull from these sites can be trusted prior to attempting to import them. Some images provided from community sources may include security vulnerabilities, and should only be used at your own risk.

Please note that an image can only be pulled into Virtual Labs once. If you attempt to pull an image again, you will simply update the image that has already been pulled.

  1. First, identify the image you want from Docker Hub or Docker Store
  2. Now that you've located the image you want, access the Images tab within Virtual Labs, and find the + icon located in the bottom right of your window:

  3. After you click the + button, a dialogue box will appear as pictured below. Enter the name of the image you want to pull in the blue text area, select Docker Hub from the top dropdown (this should be selected by default) and ensure that you have not selected any settings that are specific to another image. If you have selected your image from Docker Store and are unsure 

  4. After you click the Pull image button, a new entry ("Pulling image ...") will appear in the Recent activity sidebar, indicating that the image you requested is being pulled. At this point just wait; it won't take long!
  5. As soon as the image is available in the dashboard, the above entry will change its status to "Successfully pulled image ..." and you will be able to find the image (either directly, or by using the search box).
  6. You can now use this image to create admin containers and projects.


The most common cause of an error is a typo in the image name. If an image cannot be found on docker hub due to a typo, or has restricted access, the following error message will appear in the Recent image pull request sidebar: 

Error occurred while pulling image "not-a-real-image" from Docker Hub: Error response from daemon: pull access denied for not-a-real-image, repository does not exist or may require 'docker login'

Simply check that you are entering the correct name, and that there are no access issues before trying again.

If the error message you're seeing is different than the above one, and you are unable to determine the cause of the error, please contact our support who will be happy to assist with diagnosing the problem!