Enabling HTML certificates in Tahoe

Tahoe users can now provide branded, customized HTML certificates to their learners. The end result looks a little something like this!

Before you can provide these to your learners, you need to head over to Tahoe's management console to set them up.

First, select Certificates in the menu and then select Enable HTML Certificates to enable the feature on your site

You can then select the orientation of the certificates for when a learner wants to print or save the PDF:

Be sure to scroll down and explore the additional certificate settings, including:

  1. Adding a custom logo to your certificate, in both in the header and the body of the certificate
  2. Setting the width of the header logo
  3. Editing the name of your platform
  4. Adding header text

Scroll down some more and you'll find additional edit settings for the certificate:

and even more...

and finally, you can edit the certificate footer...

Make sure you save your certificate settings by clicking the Save Changes button in the bottom right!

Once these are set up, you can enable certificates for your courses by heading into Studio. You'll find more info on this side of certificates in our article Setting up HTML certificates as Open edX course staff - You can ignore the bits about needing engineering support, with the power of Tahoe you've already done that part!