Open edX translations in Transifex

aOpen edX uses Transifex, an open source translation platform, to power the translation of edX software into different languages. All translations are hosted at, which provides a web application allowing translators to write, submit, and manage their translations. 

This document provides a few pointers on where to look in Transifex for the completion percentages per language. Note that you will need to first sign up for an account on and then join the Open edX team.

It is important to understand that for a given language, the completion percentage is combined for both the LMS and CMS (Studio). As translators are instructed to focus first on translating the non-Studio resources, a high percentage most likely indicates that the LMS translation into the language is mainly complete, but Studio is not.

Translation status of current edx-platform

To view the status of the edx-platform currently under development by Open edX, go to The screenshot below shows the percentages of translations that have been provided or reviewed.

Example: Translation status of current edx-platform for Brazilian Portuguese

Translation of past Open edX releases

To view the translation status of a given Open edX release, go to the “Open edX Releases” menu and select “Languages”. The screenshot below shows the percentages of translations for a given language for each Open edX release. Each Open edX release contains 2 translation files, one for server-side translation strings, the other for translation strings used in JavaScript (.js).

Example: Translation status in Brazilian Portuguese for each Open edX release