Understanding the Appsembler Status Page

The Appsembler Status Page provides clear insight into the health and performance of Tahoe, Appsembler’s SaaS Open edX platform. The status of the following systems components are displayed.

  • Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud SQL (denotes the status of Google's database service)
  • Google Cloud Platform Google Compute Engine (denotes the status of Google's Infrastructure as a Service platform)
  • Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Datastore (denotes the status of our data repository)
  • PagerDuty Notification Delivery (denotes the status of our server notification system, which alerts the Appsembler engineering team to any issues with servers)
  • Intercom Intercom APIs (denotes the status of our Tahoe in-app communication platform)

Each component will always have one of the following five statuses:

  • Operational - all systems are performing as expected
  • Under Maintenance - Appsembler is updating the platform. Users can expect a brief outage.
  • Degraded Performance - general slowness that doesn't completely impede progress, but will not provide an optimum experience for users
  • Partial Outage - one or just a few specific sites inaccessible with some admin functionality unavailable, but everything working for learners
  • Major Outage - inability to access the main site, log in, learners unable to make progress in their courses

Here's what the Appsembler Status Page looks like:

Be certain to subscribe to updates by clicking the big blue button in the upper right hand corner of the page. 

As always, if you have any questions about Tahoe or how the site is performing, please contact Appsembler immediately at support@appsembler.com.