Adding SEO meta tags to your Tahoe site

Here's how to add meta tags to your Tahoe site so that you can have more control over how search engines index your site and more control over how your site appears when shared through social media outlets.

This feature is currently available for Tahoe Pro and Premium customers only. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you require it and can't find it!

NOTE: Currently meta tags are sitewide. There is currently no functionality to add different meta tags to separate pages.

  1. To add your own custom meta tags, start by logging into the Tahoe Management Console
  2. Click on Site settings click-on-site-settings
  3. Next, click on the Site SEO - meta content tab
  4. Click the + Add new meta tag button 
  5. Fill out either the the Name or Title - whichever is appropriate for your use case - and then the Content for the meta tag. In the example below, I'm using an Open Graph title tag, so there's no need to add a name. 
  6. Either repeat the process and add more meta tags by clicking the Add a new meta tag button again. Or you can save your changes by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

That's it! If you're looking to learn more about SEO meta tags, there are tons of resources on the internet for that. Here are a few that we've found helpful.