2019 October 14 Tahoe Release Notes

Tahoe "2019-Oct-14" Release

Management Console

  • Enforce unique email in Tahoe Management Console registration.
  • We fixed a bug in the User administration tab that used to allow entering symbols in the username field, breaking the user creation process.
  • We fixed a bug in the SAML configuration tab that was causing configuration for Identity Providers to disappear.
  • In the Site Language settings tab, we replaced Lorem Ipsum text with proper instructions.
  • We removed unsupported languages from the Management Console. As we start supporting them, we will roll them out.


  • Account deletion is available now! User can request their account deletion in “My Account“ page. The deletion will be scheduled and executed shortly after request.
  • Now we show the Intercom widget in the LMS only to staff users, so they can communicate with our support team.


  • We fixed a bug that was causing inconsistent line breaks while creating course updates.


  • Fixed a bug in Registration API with the parameter send_activation_email . Our system was doing a string comparison, causing the value send_activation_email=False being evaluated as the string “False“, resulting in a boolean value of True .