2019 December 19 Tahoe Release Notes

Tahoe "2019-Dec-19" Release


  • Course About pages will now display the advertised start date on course listing if it’s set. If it is not set, it will continue to display the regular course start date instead. Or your birthday, one of the two. (Maybe both, if you're super lucky.)
  • Increased the width of the Staff Debug Info window for course staff in the LMS. We have not increased the width of course staff themselves.
  • The Staff Debug button now displays inside the associated component for course staff in the LMS, rather than appearing way too far down the page, which confused everybody involved.
  • The wandering Wiki menu has been recaptured and is now back in the proper position on the right of the page. We’ll keep an eye on it in the future…
  • The Word Cloud XBlock previously had a styling problem which caused words to be displayed on top of each other, making it impossible to read. Now it displays properly. We also reduced rainstorm occurrences in the word cloud.

Management Console

  • We fixed a bug in the Page Editor, where the Intercom widget and/or our save button were making it impossible to access element options in the bottom corner. We solved this by increasing the bottom padding. [Insert your own joke here.]


  • We fixed a bug in the Course Detail page with Entrance exams. Figure out which one for yourselves.
  • Just kidding - after enabling entrance exams, they were being disabled for no reason. They now work as expected.
  • Images in Studio units are now displayed properly rather than going all weird and stretchy.