Assigning users to Tahoe course access groups

There are two ways to assign learners to course access groups in Tahoe. The first is auto assignment, and the second is manual assignment. In this article we'll cover both of these use cases. 

To access course access group settings, log into your Tahoe management console and select the Course Access Groups menu on the left-hand side. You'll need to ensure course access groups are enabled before going any further, so if they're not already, head over to our article on Limiting access to Tahoe courses based on user groups to set it up in full.

Auto-assigning learners

To automatically assign newly registered users, first scroll down to Your active rules and click Add a new rule.

Define your rule, give it a snappy title, and click Create Rule.

Job done - now anyone who registers with that email domain will become a part of that group! As it says above, this auto-assignment rule only applies to newly registered accounts. If you already have learners in your platform, you may need to assign them manually. We'll look at how we do the next.

Manually assigning learners

If a learner already exists or you want to explicitly make specific learners part of the group, first head into the Learners Management tab of your course access group settings. You'll see a list of all learners associated with your site. For obvious reasons that's not in this screenshot, but you'll see it for yourself on your own site!

Next, find the learner you're looking for by searching for their name, username or email.

Once you've found them, click the button on the right to choose a group to assign the learner.

Remember: A learner can only be a part of a single course access group. 

If they need access to more courses, you can either manually enroll them on the specific course they need (if it's a one-off situation). Or you can create a new course group that has access to that specific additional cross-section of courses (if you think you'll have more learners with the same catalog needs.)