What APIs are available in Tahoe?

Did you know you can use you can use APIs to integrate Tahoe with your other business systems?

We've built the initial set of Tahoe API endpoints to meet the most common business needs we heard from you, our customers. With the initial set of APIs, you'll be able to:

  • Build lead capture pages in other systems, capturing user registration data and registering them as learners on your Tahoe site.
  • Register your learners on the site and enroll them in courses based on purchases they've made in your external eCommerce system. Pull basic course and enrollment information into your storefront to provide dynamic, up-to-date information to your learners.
  • Control course enrollments from other external systems, letting you enroll one or many learners based on actions they take elsewhere.
  • Control the Course Access Groups feature to customize courses access by grouping learners and assigning different permissions to groups.
The initial API endpoints to enable this functionality are registration, enrollment, bulk enrollment, user list, and course list. This is the first set of API endpoints, and we want to hear feedback from you as we improve them and build out more!
You can see a list and get detailed info on our integrations including the BI Connector here.
Tahoe APIs are available to customers on our Tahoe Premium plan. To talk about how you can get started, contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.