Live video streaming with Zoom and its LTI Pro integration

Interested in using Zoom video-conferencing service in your course for live lectures, recorded lectures, and office hours? Here are the steps you can take to set up Zoom's LTI Pro integration and start live video streaming within their course.

Note: Using the Zoom LTI Pro requires a Zoom Business subscription.

This integration requires that you have subscribed to Zoom Business account. If this is the case, then to set up the Zoom integration you’ll need to add the LTI passport info from Zoom and enable, add and configure the LTI consumer XBlock in your course. 

The steps below are high level steps. Refer to this Adding third-party content to Open edX courses using LTI article for detailed instructions on how to add the LTI passport info from Zoom and configure the LTI consumer XBlock.

  • Go to your Zoom Business account and install the LTI Pro module.
  • Get the LTI passport info from Zoom and add the passport info to your course.
  • Login in Studio and make sure the LTI consumer XBlock is enabled for your course. If it isn’t, add "lti_consumer" to the “Advanced Module List” at the top of your Advanced Settings page. 
  • Then, navigate in Studio to the unit where you want to insert the Zoom LTI Pro app. Add an “LTI Consumer” advanced component and configure its settings, e.g. LTI ID, URL and Custom parameters.

Once the Zoom LTI Pro app is included in your course,

  • instructors can schedule, start Zoom meetings or access their cloud recordings directly from the course
  • and students can easily join Zoom meetings or view recordings of previous Zoom sessions.