Setting the language of your Open edX course


In order for learners to find the relevant course for their language, you need to set the language of the course in the course's schedule and details. Without this, your LMS site will believe that your course is in English, even if you translate all of the content.

Please note: This process will not translate your course or affect the content in any way, so you will need to have your course translated by professional translators before this is worthwhile. See Creating multilingual Open edX courses for more details.


  • In order to set the course's language, you must have course admin rights for the course.


  1. Open up your course in Studio and navigate to Settings -> Schedule and Details
  2. Scroll down to the Course Details section of the page and select the language of the course from the dropdown under Course Language
  3. Save your changes!


Provided Search Facets are visible in your course catalog, you will now see the available language codes displayed as filters on your course catalog's search filters, and be able to find the course that you have just configured by clicking the relevant language: