Adding videos to your Open edX course

Video lectures are one of the most common and useful ways to teach a course online. Open edX makes it really easy to do. Here's how:

First, make sure you're in edX Studio. It looks like this:

You can add videos to sections that already exist, or create new ones. In this example, we'll just add a video to a pre-existing unit. So the first step is to navigate to the unit you want to add a video to.

As you can see, this unit has some text information, but no video content yet. To add a video, simply click the "Video" button underneath "Add New Component." 

When the video editing window comes up, simply paste the URL to your video in the "Default Video URL" window.

A common question from edX users is if there is a way to upload video content directly. There currently is not, videos must be hosted somewhere on the internet in advance to being added to an Open edX course. 

After you've entered the URL for your video, you should see something like the image below. Be sure to hit save. If you would like to upload a transcript or edit one that may be attached to the video, simply use the buttons for each. 

And boom! Just like that, you've got a nifty video lecture. For your course!

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