Setting up your Open edX course summary (Course About) page

The course overview page (aka, Course About page) is an important part of introducing your course to prospective learners. It is a source of pertinent information about your course and is completely editable. Here's a general overview: 

The Course Summary Page

The Course Summary page for an unregistered learner has a top banner with the course image, course name, short description, and a button to enroll.

Below the banner of a course summary page will be the body of the page, with the course number and schedule to the left.

Your course summary page will, in all likelihood, be more stylized than this one. Especially if you're a Tahoe customer, as you can completely customize a theme here to fit into your organization's branding.

Editing your introduction page

Starting from Studio, select the Settings dropdown menu, and click on Schedule & Details. Here you will find the settings for your course introduction, as well as for your course schedule, which you can use to set course enrollment and release dates.

Scroll down to the Introducing Your Course section, and you will find a place to edit what is seen on the Course Summary page.

The Course Overview section is a completely HTML-based editor. This gives a lot of freedom, but it can be a little tricky if you're not familiar with HTML. Thankfully there are plenty of resources online to get you going. If you want to learn HTML, we recommend trying Codecademy. If you'd rather simply have a website convert your content to HTML, that can easily be done as well, via an HTML converter like or

Course image and introduction video

This section is also where you can add or change your course image and intro video.

Course Intro Videos are added by the YouTube video ID. If you are unsure, the video ID on a YouTube video is the part that comes after the = sign.  Finally, the bottom of the page offers a place to set course requirements, enable an entrance exam, and select the default license for course content. 

For more information on setting up your course, check out our articles on changing the name of your Open edX course, adding additional instructors to your Open edX course, and 3 important things to know about new Open edX courses.