Disabling the registration page on your Tahoe site

Disabling or hiding the registration form on your Open edX site is a good way to limit users. Here's how it's done.

  1. Log in to your Management Console at https://amc-app.appsembler.com/app/
  2. Click on General Settings 
  3. Scroll down to the Registration settings section

To hide the registration page 

  1. Deselect the items Enable registration button in site navigation and Enable link to registration form on the login page 
  2. Click Save changes

This removes all clickable access points to your registration page. Your site will now resemble the image of the site below, where there is no Register button in the header navigation. 

NOTE: Using this configuration, the registration page will still be accessible via the direct URL. In order to access the registration page, simply add /register to the end of your LMS URL. It will resemble something like this: yoursite.tahoe.appsembler.com/register

To completely disable the registration page

  1. Deselect the item Enable the registration form 
  2. Click Save changes

Now, if anyone attempts to access the registration page on your site, they will see an error page similar to the one below.