Amending your Tahoe site's copyright line and legal notice

At the bottom of each page of your site in the footer, there are by default two legal notices. One above your footer intended for a basic copyright notification, and one below which is intended as a larger legal notice. They look something like this:

Above the site footer is the line " ©2018 Company Name. All rights reserved." below the footer is another line reading "edX, Open edX and the edX and Open edX logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of edX Inc."

In this article we're going to look at changing these two lines, the one above the footer links and the larger notice below.

Note: Seek legal counsel if you are unsure about anything of this nature, this article exists to inform you of how to make the change, not what you should change it to and why.

Where to go in the Management Console

To change all of these settings, you just need to head over to your Management console, then go to LMS Header and Footer, followed by Footer settings.

Once you've navigated there (or clicked the preceding link to jump straight there if you're having trouble), scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you'll find the Footer Settings area. This is where the settings for this area of your site live.

The most important settings for our current task are Footer copyright text, Display footer legal notice and Footer legal notice.

  • Footer copyright text: This is the standard copyright line that appears before your footer.
  • Display footer legal notice: This is a simple toggle to indicate whether you the larger legal notice area should display beneath the footer. 
  • Footer legal notice: This is a much larger area that is displayed at the bottom of your site. This can be useful for larger over-arching copyright requirements. Please note that despite the fact the footer legal notice defaults to one about edX and Open edX in general, you do not require this notice, it is simply the default example. You could conceivably use this for text that isn't anything to do with copyright or other legal notices

Simply change these fields (making sure that you save!) and you're good to go.

If your organization has a more comprehensive copyright policy, you may wish to put it on your site and add a link to it in the footer. You can find out how to do those tasks in the related articles below.