Hiding the "Refine Your Search" panel from your Open edX course catalog

By default, every new Tahoe Open edX site has a Refine Your Search panel showing on your course catalog (your-LMS-URL.com/courses). 

refine your search panel on the right side of your course catalog

If you would like to hide this panel on your course catalog, follow these steps.

  1. Log into the Tahoe Management Console
  2. Click Page editor page editor is on the left hand side bar of your management console
  3. Click Edit page for the Course catalog page edit page button on the right side of the course catalog page item
  4. Click Show options for the Course Catalog Layout block show options drop down menu
  5. Uncheck the toggle button next to Show search facets ("Refine your search"): Show search facets ("Refine your search") Toggle
  6. Click Save changes

That's it! Your course catalog will now look like this. course catalog with facets hidden