Tahoe Management Console User Guide

The Tahoe Management Console is where you'll lay out, build and theme the non-course pages in your Learning Management System (LMS), including your home page, course catalog, help page, and more.  

User Management

Add additional site admins (does not control access to individual courses)
Understanding Staff roles in Tahoe
Adding a Tahoe administrator

Site Appearance, Theme, and Branding

Change the appearance of your site by adding your logo, setting the font, defining colors, text sizes, headers, and footers. 
Theming your site in Tahoe
Changing the color of your site header in Tahoe
Adding or changing your logo in Tahoe
Adding an item to the footer in Tahoe
Enabling and theming certificates
Applying custom styles to your Tahoe site with the CSS Editor *Pro/Premium plans onl

Add and lay out site pages

Define the layout of your site pages, add new pages to your site, show/hide existing pages
Structuring site content in Tahoe

Managing pages in Tahoe
Adding site content to pages in Tahoe
Building a custom course catalog with the Tahoe Tracks page

Course Access Groups

Offer a different course catalog to different user groups, and assign users automatically to groups based on email domain * Pro/Premium plans only
Limiting access to Tahoe courses based on user groups
Assigning users to Tahoe course access groups

Translation and Internationalization 

Internationalization gives you the tools you need to properly 'localize' your Tahoe site and Open edX courses for other countries and languages. 
Understanding internationalization in Tahoe & Open edX
What languages does Tahoe support?
Translating and localizing your Tahoe Pro site
Creating multilingual Open edX courses
Changing the language of Open edX
Open edX translations in Transifex

Reporting and Analytics

Figures is a separate site, and not a feature of the Tahoe Management Console. However, Figures access is currently limited to site admins only. 
Reporting on Learner Progress in Figures
Explaining the Learner Progress Overview
Tracking learner activity with the Tahoe Business Intelligence Connector *Premium plans only