Tahoe Studio & LMS User Guide

Setting up your course 

You will use the Studio course-building tool for most of the course setup tasks. The Content, Settings, and Tools sections below map directly to the dropdown menu you'll see along the top of your course in Studio. 


Much of your course planning will take place outside of Studio. You'll want to map out your course content and flow before you begin building it.
Courseware structure
Understanding staff roles
Course template
3 important things to know about new courses
Preventing student enrollment


Creating a course
(adding custom pages)
Controlling the visibility of your Wiki
Files & Uploads


Schedule & Details

Change pace
Start / Enrollment Dates (see #2 in article)
About Page
Course card image
Requirements - doc coming soon
Prerequisite courses
Estimated effort - doc coming soon
Course content licensing and copyright


Set up grading policy and assignment types
Configuring graded content

Course team

Adding Team members to your course (via Studio)
Adding Team members to your course (via LMS)


Enable certificates for Tahoe site (*must have site admin rights to access)
Setup certificates for specific courses
Overriding certificate properties

Advanced settings

Note: This is only a few of the many, many settings here. Please be careful with these!
Change a course name
Hide a course from the catalog
Change course organization display name
Change displayed course number
Make a course invite-only
Enable timed exams
Use prerequisite subsections to gate content


Importing and exporting courses

Learner Cohorts and Teams

Enabling and creating cohorts
Assign students to cohorts via CSV file
Providing different content to cohorts of students via content groups
Moving students from one cohort to another
Using learner Teams 

Adding course content

You will use Studio for most of the course building tasks in this section (unless otherwise noted.)

Course Components


WYSIWYG editor - doc coming soon
Raw HTML editor (note: must use this to float images) - doc coming soon
Font awesome icons
Inserting equations


Adding videos
Adding subtitles to videos
Generating captions and transcripts


Adding problems
Checkbox problems
Dropdown problems
Multiple choice problems
Drag and Drop exercises
Problem hints
Adaptive feedback
Add images to a problem
Set allowed problem attempts
Show or hide problem answers
Show or hide subsection and assessment results
Randomize answer order
Using content libraries to randomized problems
Importing and exporting content libraries


Managing course-wide general discussions
Monitoring tips
Add a moderator
Minimize thread proliferation


Open Response Assessment (ORA)
Allow students to upload files to ORA


Available XBlocks on Tahoe
Enabling XBlocks
Embedding Google docs
LTI Consumer (for displaying 3rd party content)
  - H5P
 -  Zoom

Other topics

Using course search features
Reindexing the content of your course (for searching)
Linking to a specific unit within your course
Embedding a Google slideshow
Embedding a Powerpoint slideshow
Adding a Surveymonkey survey
Creating multi-lingual courses
Deleting a user account

Course testing / preparing for launch:

Some of these tasks occur in Studio, and others (like enrollment) will be performed on your Learning Management System site.
Course launch checklist
Enrollment (beta testers)
Enrollment (learners)
Unenrolling (learners)
Registering site Users

Managing your live course

At this point, your course is live in your LMS, with enrolled learners taking your course. The tasks here will happen on your Learning Management System site.

Problem and exam management

Downloading responses to a specific problem in Open edX
Viewing and interpreting a learner's submission history
Changing a learner's problem score
Resetting problem attempts for Open edX students 
Retrieving submissions from the FreeTextResponse XBlock
Reset a timed exam

Open Response Assessments (ORA) management

Managing ORAs
Grading ORAs Allowing students to upload files to ORAs

Reporting and tracking

View as staff vs. learner
Creating and downloading grade reports
Viewing student profile information and reports
Analytics with Appsembler Figures (*must have site admin rights to access)


Requesting certificates as an Open edX student

Cleanup after a completed course

What happens after our course is over? You'll manage these steps in Studio.

Archiving a course
Restricting access to and hiding a course